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The Advantages of instant loans for small businesses

Small business owners often struggle to get the funding they require to grow their businesses. Sometimes they struggle to raise any money at all to even get the business going in the first place. Banks are unwilling to invest in small companies, no matter how worthwhile or exciting the business idea is. In these cases, it makes sense to try another method to raise the money needed, and a personal asset loan is one way to get the company off the ground. Businesses need assets to grow, and so borrowing against things that you already own, can be the only chance to raise the money you need.

Log book loans

Secured loans let you extract the value of an asset without the need to sell. Logbook loans take this one step further where, as well as keeping your vehicle, you can also keep using it – all in exchange for logbook documentation! The advantage is that no one needs know you have had to take out a loan. In addition you retain use of your prized asset.

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